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DeMag Alpha - Furutech LP, Disk and Cable Demagnetizer

The Furutech DeMag Alpha completely demagnetizes LPs and optical disc media such as CD, CD-R, DVD, MD, Game CD, Photo CD, SACD, and DVD Audio with 20% increased demagnetization power than the original DeMag. Plus it`s an indispensable accessory for keeping interconnect cables, connectors and power cords demagnetized to prevent magnetic signal distortion. The new stylish DeMag Alpha also features touch panel technology for ease of use.

Demagnetization isn`t just for optical media anymore!

The DeMag Alpha works for disc media as well as cables, connectors, and power cords! No part of the playback chain should be disturbed by resolution-sapping magnetic interference.

Demagnetizing LPs
How can an LP be magnetized? It`s plastic!

The fact is that pigment added to the plastic during the manufacturing process is the culprit. The minute amount of ferrous material in the pigment causes LPs to become magnetized. Testing at the Tokyo Nanotechnology centre with a IHI Gauss meter showed that after an LP was treated with the DeMag Alpha the magnetic field of the LP was lowered from 620~630 nT to 572~582 nT (nanotesla: a unit of magnetic field strength,1 Tesla = 10,000 gauss)

Demagnetizing Cables
Electric current generates a magnetic field as it flows through a power cord or conductor. However, magnetic impurities within the materials themselves become magnetized and introduce further magnetic distortion. Just loop your cables and power cords with their connectors on the DeMag Alpha and begin treatment.

No matter how valuable or expensive your system is, the only way to achieve top performance is by demagnetizing your problems away! There are no other demagnetizers on the market that can be used in such a versatile and effective way. The DeMag Alpha can even be used on metal-based accessories like CD stabilizers or speaker terminals.


- Dimension: 487mm (W) x 68mm (H) (no spikes) x 470mm (D)

- Net Weight: 11.0Kgs

- Rating: 230VAC +/-10V



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User Manual / Extra Information

Reviews / Awards

HP`s Golden Ear Awards 2011
"So what will you hear? Deep, deeper into the heart of the recording itself. The difference has really shocked members of my listening panel - it`s that obvious, though it`s difficult to describe. You get harmonic subtleties and also a wealth of detail not evident before."

Enjoy the Music.com, Wayne Donnely, November, 2009
`It does a better job of degaussing digital disks than anything I have previously used. Conclusion? Post-Demag, this already glorious-sounding recording was even more glorious-sounding. Not a night-and-day difference, but the Chicago strings now had a slightly silkier sheen and the brass a bit more bite, and I could now hear more breath and color in the woodwind solos."

Positive Feedback Online, Tom Campbell, August, 2009
"I may catch flames from some readers for wholeheartedly recommending this expensive and controversial product, but the Furutech deMag greatly enhanced my enjoyment of just about every disc with which I treated it. Throughout the review process, I was frankly looking for an out-almost hoping that the spell would break, and that my enchantment with this hulking metal machine would pass-but that moment never came."

HiFi World UK, November, 2008
'...the Demag-treated disk displayed an increase in soundstage width and height. Instrumental separation was superior, accompanied by a tightening in bass frequencies. Finally, the Demag produced a substantial improvement of the stereo image.'

Where to buy

Authorised dealers and/or installers for Furutech are located in Gauteng, North-West, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape and Namibia. Please visit our retailers page to find their contact details.


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