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Refinement has a new name....debuting Furutech`s top-of-the-line Lineflux interconnect cable:

- Beautifully engineered and built cable featuring double-shielded solid-core α (Alpha) OCC conductor wires that are treated with Furutech`s Two Step Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Alpha Process to minimize transmission loss.

- High performance nonmagnetic rhodium plated RCA/XLR connectors with carbon fibre and stainless steel bodies for optimal signal transfer.

- Finished with High End Performance CF-102 (R) RCA and/or CF-601M(R)/CF-602F(R) XLR connectors.

- Double-layer shielding and insulated with High Grade PE which contributes to a reduction in capacitance and damping vibration.

- Overall results are a smooth, natural, utterly musical presentation due to meticulous engineering and careful audition of various suitable materials.


- Solid-core α (Alpha) - OCC conductors 1.3mm

- Double-layer shielding for improved noise insulation

- Insulation: High grade PE (Red/White)

- Insulation: High grade PE (Red/White)

- Sheath: RoHS-compliant flexible PVC, 13.0mm

- Shield: Double-layer - copper wire and PET/AI tape wrap

- Jacket: RoHS-compliant Nylon braid

- Connectors: Beautiful, hefty rhodium-plated carbon fiber and stainless steel CF-102(R) RCA terminal or CF-601M(R) and CF-602F(R) XLR plugs

- Lineflux - 13mm diameter cable, 1.2 m pair (RCA or XLR)



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Reviews / Awards

Hi-Fi World Magazine - July 2011
'Sonically they are a revelation. For me their genius is their ability to carry the tonality and timbre of instruments in all their shimmering glory, yet string things together in an amazingly relaxed and organic - but musically enthralling - way.'

The Absolute Sound - December 2010, Christ Martens
'...the 303/Flux system offers six key benefits that are simply addictive: (1) Unusually quite backgrounds. (2) Resolution sufficient to convey tons of low-level sonic detail. (3) Blazing transient speeds without apparent overshoot or ringing. (4) Clean, taut, articulate bass. (5) Superb high-frequency 'air' and extension. (6) Genuine neutrality.'

HiFi Choice Collection UK 2010
'Prepare to be transported across space and time with stunning realism.....'

Positive Feedback Online - Issue 47, February 2010, Guido Corona
'In the end, the very long-drawn break-in process that--with tender loving care--coaxed these marvellously finished products into delivering the fine performance of which they are capable, revealed the Furutech Flux's true nature of sonic thoroughbreds, which comfortably outperform even the substantial resolving power of the Furutech Evolution II.'

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Where to buy

Authorised dealers and/or installers for Furutech are located in Gauteng, North-West, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape and Namibia. Please visit our retailers page to find their contact details.


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