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Grading: Premier Plus


- Factory terminated pairs: 0.5m, 0.8m, (+0.2m)
- Termination types: Ecosse RCA MACH1


- Silver Plated Ultra-High Purity OFCTM (SP-UHP-OFCTM) rope-lay woven conductors

- Dual Conductive Polymer and SP-UHP-OFCTM close-lapped braid screens

- RCA direct silver-plated all-copper contact pins

- Polyethylene and ultra low loss LDFPE dielectrics

- SupersolderTM is our new ultra high purity silver and tin alloy solid wire - used in conjunction with our unique, passive organic flux. Together these ensure a joint with ultra low chemical contaminants and very high strength.

- Vibration-absorbing low density 9mm circular o/d LDPVC jacket

- Deep- Cryogenically Treated (DCT)



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Reviews / Awards

Audio Video SA Review - September 2006
"It's easy to underestimate this apparently unassuming cable - until you start analysing the way it presents the music. Clarity and coherence are its primary features, together with a strong sense of musical credibility."

HiFi Choice Review - February 2002

What HiFi? Sound and Vision Review - Sept 2005
"Your soundstage is expanded and surgically split open-everything sounds clear and you're treated to a fantastic level of detail."

HiFi Choice Magazine - Cable Group Test - August 2013
"Enjoyable, subtle sounding cable loom that's well-worth auditioning."

Where to buy

Authorised dealers and/or installers for Ecosse Reference Cables are located in Gauteng, North-West, Mpumalanga, the Western Cape, the Free State, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Namibia. Please visit our retailers page to find their contact details.


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