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all >>Loudspeaker >>US2 Ultima Silver

Grading: Audiophile Reference


- Factory terminated pairs: 2m, 3m, (+1m)
- Termination types:
--- Ecosse shelled bananas
--- Ecosse OFC spades
--- Ecosse MonocrystalTM shelled bananas
--- Ecosse MonocrystalTM spades


- Material: 6 x MonocrystalTM Solid-Silver Conductors

- Diameter: 13.3mm, circular cross section

- Air-spaced Teflon (PTFE) and Foamed Polyethylene Dielectric Insulation

- VibrakilTM vibration absorption jacket

- Spiral Litz matrix configuration

- 11.5mm circular polyester braid and soft PVC jacket

- The highest quality MonocrystalTM Spades

- SupersolderTM is our new ultra high purity lead-free silver and tin alloy solid wire - used in conjunction with our unique, passive organic flux. Together these ensure a joint with ultra low chemical contaminants and very high strength.



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Reviews / Awards

Hi-Fi News Magazine & Record Review 2002
'No nonsense incredible sound. The Ecosse Reference US2 was heard to behave practically perfectly. On acoustic guitar with orchestra, it allowed exceptional refinement, never coarse or strident. Silences were darker, giving the effect of greater dynamic compass. Time domain accuracy was first rate, leading to impressively real stop-start timing. Pitch definition was easier to perceive.'

Where to buy

Authorised dealers and/or installers for Ecosse Reference Cables are located in Gauteng, North-West, Mpumalanga, the Western Cape, the Free State, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Namibia. Please visit our retailers page to find their contact details.


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