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Scientific Fundamentals of THIXAR Products

Thixar – Philosophy

Peace in the listening room. And a heavenly pleasure for the audiophile!

Company Overview

Thixar designs and manufacturers an exquisite range of passive decoupling- and damping platforms, hi-fi racks and related accessories using a gel-based proprietary damping technology. Their hi-fi racks offer decoupling of all components within the rack, thereby reducing the impact of vibrations from nearby equipment.

Being a true audiophile means caring for each and every detail. It is a known fact that up to a quarter of the virtues of a high-end system derive from the setup of the components. Most people pay huge amounts of money for their equipment - and forget about the fundamentals by which their equipment operate; unknowingly that their gear are sensitive to mechanical- and electrical vibrations that impact performance.

Thixar’s proprietary gel-based technology products can help you reach the realms of audio nirvana with the equipment you already have at home.

Thixar gel technology brings peace to the music - getting rid of all disturbances provides your music with more detail, a wider soundstage and a higher tonal beauty.

Thixar gel technology brings peace to your equipment – by eliminating vibrations that harm both the sound and sensitive electronics from reaching their peak performance.

Thixar gel technology brings peace to their owner - because he has done all that can be done to make his set-up really shine!

Thixar gel technology brings peace to your listening room - and undisturbed pleasure to you, with each and every musical track.

Namasté, as they say in yoga. Let's bring peace to the music!

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